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Spice up your next Event!

By hosting your private or corporate events with Chef Gurjyite you have the opportunity to add value to your customer’s experience! You will be able to proudly showcase the talents of an award winning chef with 24 years of experience, at your restaurant, store or gathering. You have the chance to redefine your brand and attract potential new diners and customers by simply setting up a date with us.

There are a range of possibilities and services chef Gurjyote offers for private and corporate events. Whether it be a conference, store opening or a wedding.

Corporate and Private services

Pop up shop

Offer a unique experience at your store, restaurant, bar, cafe or venue of your choice, have a pop-up specially crafted menu for your customers.

Action Station

Uplift your event by adding our unique live cooking stations. Customize the service to your catering needs or requirements. Could be an Indian bbq or any other cuisine.

Travel with Chef

"Memories made over food are for a lifetime" Chef Gurjyote has his travel box ready to pack and join you, as an add on for your next escapade. Could be your personal occasion or a corporate event.

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