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"What's on your mind, I can put it on your plate."

Growing up in India, I was fascinated by my father’s entrepreneurial spirit and grandmother’s cooking. I always dreamed of combining that entrepreneurial spirit with food from around the world.

Chef Gurjyote's Journey...

Growing up in India, Gurjyote (GJ) was fascinated by his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and his grandmother’s cooking. He always dreamed of combining that entrepreneurial spirit with food from around the world. With vibrant Indian spices and flavors running through his veins, he was determined to one day be a certified chef. 

His culinary journey started in 1999. Upon graduation from the Institute of Hotel Management, in New Delhi, GJ worked as a kitchen trainee at the Hyatt Regency and eventually worked his way up the ladder to become the Executive Chef for The Taj Hotel. He often reminisces about the early days, when he was a kitchen assistant and was tasked to peel 50 pounds of onions in a single shift. 

Over the past 20 years, he has been nurtured by some of the world’s best chefs at top hospitality brands, including Marriott, Crowne Plaza, Intercontinental and Aman Resorts. He has also had the opportunity to cook for the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narinder Modi along with many Bollywood actors, directors and musicians and many foreign Ambassadors.

His chef journey forged ahead when he was posed with the opportunity to work for an upscale restaurant in Scotland. After which he traveled the world to add flavors to his spice box. He has now become accomplished at both traditional Indian cooking as well as modern world cuisine. 

Nine years ago, he was welcomed by the warm-hearted people of Canada, who recognized his talents and skills. During his time in Vancouver, he has worked with the Fairmont Hotel and completed his requirements for Red Seal Chef certification. GJ anxiously opened his first catering company, GJs’ Kitchen, in Surrey BC. He quickly learned that the Canadian food industry  is quite different than what he has previously experienced.. 

Today, GJ is recognized as a culinary magician with exceptional interpersonal skills. He has been featured on television programs and is a star member of many renowned cooking classes. In addition, he recognized that Vancouver did not adequately fill the need for the on-demand lunch business, and he attempted to offer Indian fast food services with his last venture known as Tiffin 2 Go.

Chef Gurjyote is now focusing on offering culinary experiences through consulting, private dining, pop up kitchens and culinary classes. Over the past few years, GJ has had the opportunity to cook for the previous Defence Minister Jason Kenny, Multicultural Minister Tim Uppal, and the Minister for Children and Women’s Development.


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